Shareholder structure

Number of shares

Umicore's number of shares is 112,000,000. The number of voting rights is 224,000,000.

Shareholder structure

Umicore's latest disclosure of shareholding of 28 August 2015 stands at 3.04% as can be found in the following transparency declaration

The following shareholders are declared:

Umicore 3.04% Transparency declaration
Norges Bank 3.06% Transparency declaration
Capfi Delen Asset Management SA 3.08% Transparency Declaration
BlackRock Inc. 5.03% Transparency declaration
Groupe Bruxelles Lambert, family Trust Desmarais, Albert Frère and LTI Two S.A. 15.00% Transparency declaration

You can find a history of the declarations here.

Implied free float stands at 100% (Euronext definition).

Historically, Belgian institutional and retail shareholders have accounted for a large portion of the free float ownership. However, in recent years significant efforts have been made to broaden Umicore's shareholder base. Although Belgian financial institutions remain important investors in the company, it is estimated that Umicore now has an equally strong investor base in the UK and a rapidly growing one in North America. Continental European investors outside Belgium have also grown in significance in recent years.

Shareholding declaration obligation

Umicore’s articles of association require any shareholder holding voting rights equal to 3% or more of the existing voting rights to declare this shareholding to the company and to the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). Any rise or fall below the first threshold of 3% and thereafter the threshold of 5% or any multiple of 5% is object to the above mentioned declaration.

According to the Belgian transparency legislation in force (Law of 2 May 2007 – Royal Decree of 14 February 2008), the denominator to take into account for the declaration is 224,000,000 shares voting rights.

You will find all required information in the practical Guide FSMA_2011_08 of 10 November 2011 available on the website of the FSMA as well as the form to be used : TR-1 BE ( issued by the Financial Services and Markets Authority - FSMA.

The form duly completed shall be transmitted electronically to:

For more information, please visit the FSMA website:

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