Income Statement

(in million €)H1 2014H2 2014H1 2015
Other operating income19.027.725.8
Operating income4,031.14,141.05,074.0
Raw materials and consumables(3,394.6)(3,495.7)(4,336.5)
Payroll and related benefits(310.3)(293.0)(326.8)
Depreciation and impairments(73.8)(88.5)(100.1)
Other operating expenses(148.2)(167.8)(187.7)
Operating expenses(3,926.9)(4,045.1)(4,951.2)
Income (loss) from other financial assets0.49.40.2
Result from operating activities104.5105.3123.0
Financial income2.71.31.8
Financial expenses(9.3)(9.8)(9.9)
Foreign exchange gains and losses(9.3)2.8(7.3)
Share in result of companies accounted for using the equity method6.313.47.0
Profit (loss) before income tax95.0113.0114.6
Income taxes(22.0)(22.4)(28.5)
Profit (loss) from continuing operations73.090.686.1
Profit (loss) from discontinued operations *
Profit (loss) of the period85.792.493.6
of which minority share4.33.23.5
of which Group share81.589.190.1
(in € / share)
Basic earnings per share from continuing operations0.630.820.76
Total basic earnings per share0.750.830.83
Diluted earnings per share from continuing operations0.630.810.76
Total diluted earnings per share 0.740.830.83
Dividend per share0.500.500.50
* Attributable to equityholders of these companies

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