(in million €)H1 2014H2 2014H1 2015
Profit from continuing operations73.090.686.1
Adjustments for profit of equity companies(6.3)(13.4)(7.0)
Adjustment for non-cash transactions60.287.3126.7
Adjustments for items to disclose separately or under investing and financing cashflows22.624.530.7
Change in working capital requirement56.531.3(164.7)
Cashflow generated from operations205.9220.371.8
Dividend received7.27.918.0
Tax paid during the period(26.7)(26.5)(38.3)
Government grants received8.3(0.2)(0.2)
Net operating cashflow194.7201.451.2
Acquisition of property, plant and equipment(61.4)(108.1)(83.4)
Acquisition of intangible assets(8.7)(15.4)(10.2)
Acquisition of new subsidiaries, net of cash acquired-(35.2)0.5
Acquisition of / capital increase in associates-(0.2)(1.8)
Acquisition of financial assets-(18.8)(0.1)
New loans extended(0.5)(1.6)(2.7)
Sub-total acquisitions(70.6)(179.3)(97.7)
Disposal of property, plant and equipment0.91.51.4
Disposal of intangible assets0.20.4-
Disposal of subsidiaries and associates, net of cash disposed--0.4
Capital decrease in associates--0.2
Disposal of financial fixed assets0.34.9-
Repayment of loans--3.4
Sub-total disposals1.46.85.4
Net cashflow generated by (used in) investing activities(69.2)(172.5)(92.3)
Capital increase (decrease) minority(5.7)1.11.5
Own shares(46.5)(17.4)22.9
Interest received
Interest paid(2.8)(3.7)(4.4)
New loans and repayments12.026.723.1
Dividends paid to Umicore shareholders(53.8)(54.1)(54.4)
Dividends paid to minority shareholders(3.2)(3.9)(3.6)
Net cashflow generated by (used in) financing activities(98.4)(49.6)(13.6)
Effect of exchange rate fluctuations4.1(13.4)(20.8)
Total net cashflow of the period31.3(34.1)(75.5)
Net cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of the period for continuing operations105.8137.1102.9
Net cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period for continuing operations137.1102.927.4
Cash to discontinued operations(13.7)(23.1)68.5
of which cash and cash equivalents124.189.8117.9
of which bank overdrafts(0.6)(9.9)(22.1)

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