• Materials for
    a better life

    Wood protection

    Umicore’s zinc oxide is found in coatings that protect parquet flooring

    LED lights

    Umicore’s electrolytes are used as coatings that help LEDs shine brighter

    Rechargeable batteries

    One in five Li-ion batteries produced for portable electronics devices contains Umicore material

  • Materials for
    a better life

    Watches and jewellery

    Umicore delivers high-quality precious metals for jewellery and watches

    Zinc oxide for sunscreens

    Zinc’s impermeability to UV rays makes it ideal for applications such as sunscreens

    Anti-reflection glass

    Umicore’s materials are used in high efficiency and durable anti-reflection glass

    Sustainable polymers

    Catalysts to cure polyester resins used in everything from windmill blades to boat hulls

  • Materials for
    a better life

    Rubber tyres

    Cobalt-based chemicals are used in the production of tyres and other rubber applications

    Zinc for buildings

    Zinc not only looks good - its properties make it a fantastic material for weatherproofing buildings

    Mobile phones

    Umicore’s integrated smelting/refining process recovers numerous metals from mobile phones

    Electric cars

    Umicore’s materials are used in the batteries of electric cars that reduce emissions of carbon dioxide

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